Global School Play Day

February 1st, 2017, was #GSPD2017 or Global School Play Day. Where stress is minimized for the benefit of mankind (because children are the future after all) and a return to a simpler time. A time where school turns into one long recess period a.k.a. the ideal school day. Bring toys, games and instruments to school as long as they are not electronic and just have fun. Being a 50 minute participant on such a day, I feel that I can give my utmost expert opinion on how to continue and improve GSPD.

  1. Whole School Participation
    Bigger is always better, and what can be better than 3,000 kids with minimal supervision. To me, this would be a dream come true. Think about how one game of telephone would be like. The message degrade so badly that speaking Latin would be as effective. Or, how about a huge game of tag or hide and seek. The thrill of a whole school hunting someone down would make even a corpse’s heart pump. The only problem is that it would be difficult to organize such a large game, which is why I propose to elect an elite class of children to supervise and organize this event in advance. The elite class will enjoy special powers that the ‘non-elite’ don’t have, such as immunity to the purg… I mean, seeking during the game. They will not be affected by the game, they are simply bystanders that control how the game is played. This also leads me to a second point. GSPD needs to last at least till the end of the school day, but a 24 hour period would be preferred. This will give the students plenty of time to fully find and hunt down every person participating, but if there are any stragglers they will become victors and are eligible to join the elite class in the next Hunger Gam… I mean, GSPD.
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  2. Live Music
    If, for some reason, the big game of hide and seek and 24 hour period doesn’t get approved, then I suggest the cacophony of unprofessional children playing music. Don’t get me wrong, most of the music will sound terrible depending on the age group of the school, but nothing is more engaging then music. It gives life a beat to dance to, a rhythm to walk to, and a melody to move to. And maybe, just maybe, a rising star will shine through the ashes of discord and play the most beautiful of music. A person or group of people who will have the potential to become great stars one day thanks to the help of GSPD. Also, the official GSPD song is definitely the highlight of the whole webpage, hands down.
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  3. Celebrity Guests
    GSPD in 2017 only had 283,000 participants. Not that its a small number, I just believe that it is possible to boost the number in 2018 exponentially with celebrity endorsements. I propose that a school send a letter to their celebrity of choice asking if they want to attend and participate in GSPD. The celebrity will have to accept because it is for the kids. What better way to increase participation than with the likes of Matt Damon visiting a school campus?

These are all ways that will be able to improve GSPD and allow it to thrive. Large school wide games, a cacophony of musical notes in the air, and fame will allow GSPD to become an event never seen before. If all of these proposals are approved then I see the possibility of GSPD becoming a national holiday in the future.


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