They are like underpants for your hands except more degrading. Jokes aside this is what the whole world needs. The nice and comfortable fabrics that usually cover your nether regions onto the palms of your hands. What could go wrong? This product is especially useful for all of the sweaty hand people out there. Why? Well because it will absorb all of the sweat and pheromones leaking out of your pores which will surely attract that special someone. If those reasons didn’t convince you to buy these tiny 5 holed undergarments then these certainly will!

  1. Finger-less
    Like actual underwear these do not stretch out to the ends of your appendages. Leaving you with a huge range of mobility and won’t deprive you of any of your senses. They are also very stylish. You will be the talk of your community guaranteed. They also only come in white so you have to stand out in crowds. If you are an artistic type, color the or create a design on your new Handerpants™.
  2. Thin and Light
    Handerpants™ are created using the newest in underwear technology. This special fabric will make you forget that your wearing Handerpants™ at all! In fact, they are so light you could fly! Just flap your arms close to 500 mph and you will be able to lift yourself into the air.
  3. Addictive
    Once you wear the Handerpants™ you will never want to take them off ever again. This is because of their special comfort fit and because the elastic at the top of your wrists is actually an adhesive. You will never take these gloves off!

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