Electric Shock Therapy. It was something I had been somewhat familiar with. Sending electric signals throughout the body in order to achieve a desired result. My mother tried to use this to relax her stressed out muscles. Especially in her sore jaw. She attached two of the electric signals onto both sides of her jaw and activated the small electric box. At first everything was fine, the voltage of electricity flowing to her jaw was low enough to where she was able to relax. However, too much electricity would make muscles convulse uncontrollably and that is what happened. Instead of turning the electricity down on the small electric box when my mother was done, she turned the knob the other way and increased the voltage. She ended up biting her tongue and never trying electric shock therapy again.


I had finally decided to meet an old friend. One I had decided to neglect for too long. I had even bought a gift for this occasion earlier in the week. It’s something my friend had always appreciated receiving from me, but for some nagging reason I did not give the gift immediately. I always give the gift away immediately. Why, did I prolong this for so long? Was I too busy? Do I not appreciate this friendship the way I should?

However, today is the day I give away my gift. I open it and use the gift to help my friend look new again. It’s strung around my friend’s neck and stretched around the body. I fiddle around with it trying to achieve the perfect fit. I pluck at the neck to see if the sound was right. Too tight or too loose, I say, but after some more experimentation everything was perfect. I wrap my fingers around the neck and I place my thumb at the back of it.


My second home. The only other place I have visited more than my actual home. The movie theater. More importantly Bella Terra’s Century Theater. I could not count the amount of motion pictures I had seen inside that theater and too be honest it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is the type of film I watch and more importantly the quality of the popcorn. Movie theater popcorn is to die for in my opinion. It is the perfect snack for almost any occasion and Century Theaters have the best popcorn. The butter, the salt, and the crunch, work together in perfect harmony.


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