Bread Gloves

Oh boy. I don’t even know what to say about this. Just so many emotions and thoughts go through my head when thinking about the perfect product. This one may very well be it. I can finally fulfill my dream of being the Pillsbury dough boy. With all jokes aside the scariest part of this product is the fact that it comes in a raisin flavor. Who really likes raisin bread? I know there are people who enjoy raisin bread, but since when was the last time anyone has gone out of there way to eat just raisin bread? Anyways, here is a list of reasons why you should buy these wood carving of hands.

  1. As Seen On TV
    Since when has anything on advertised on TV been bad? Never. I’ve personally bought many products advertised on TV from the ShamWow™ to the  Snuggie™. They are the best products I have never used. This also applies to the Bread Gloves. If it’s been advertised on TV then it must be a great product. Otherwise how would it have made it to TV? There is however one drawback I can think of and it’s the fact that Bread Gloves are a one time use, so better buy it in bulk.
  2. Sourdough
    It finally comes in sourdough flavor, which by the way is the best type of bread. Now, there is truly no reason for someone not to buy this product. Like I always say, “Sourdough or no way”

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