Privacy Scarf

Out of all of the products that I have seen and reviewed, without actually trying them, the privacy scarf has to has to be the best. “How is it the best?” you may ask. Well, it is the best in its design, aesthetic appeal, and execution. Honestly, who would not want this product for its obvious simplicity and versatility. All you have to do is insert the scarf into a hoodie or around your head, wrap the opposite end around a screen of your choice, and your done!

  1. Immersion
    I feel like I could not emphasize this enough. Nothing is going to be able to disturb you while using the Privacy Scarf. The only thing that would possibly be able to stop the nirvana like state when using this product is searching for the pause/play button. Besides, when you are using the Privacy Scarf for more than 8 hours a day, reaching and finding that button would become second nature. The Privacy Scarf is able to reach this level of immersion by impairing your field of view immensely, making you feel like your looking through welders goggles, by creating a complete surround sound  experience, and by formulating the perfect lighting conditions.
  2. Temperature
    One of the numerous benefits of the Privacy Scarf is that it can be used with a sweater, jacket, or no clothing items at all. That means you have the access to control the temperature to whatever you want. Hot day? Just strip off all other clothing articles. Cold day? Layer up!
  3. Trendy
    This is product is living proof of advancement in privacy technology. Is there a hacker trying to steal your password? Denied by the Privacy Scarf. It not only looks good but it  also serves a useful purpose. It also comes in any color as long as it’s black. 

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