There’s a lot to say about this image. For example, in what circumstances would this image be derived from. One, it looks old. Two, that knife is too big to fit in the outlet. Three, parents?  Now, what can we learn from this? Well, lucky for you I have thought of a list of reasons that will hopefully make some sense of this image.

  1. Super Powers
    This is probably the most obvious reason. The parents want their child to gain some sort of electrical super power by convincing the child to stick a knife into the outlet. Who knows what kind of hero the kid could’ve become. Maybe he inherits powers similar to the flash, or maybe he could shoot lightning out of his hands, there’s just so many possibilities.
  2. A Sweet Hairdo
    Have you ever seen one of those cheesy 80’s movies where a character gets electrocuted  and their hair sticks up like a huge afro?  Well, just imagine that on this kid. I have a feeling that this child will grow up to be a trendsetter.
  3. Curiosity Killed the Cat
    Another idea is that this kid is actually an Einstein in the making. He is just trying to use the scientific method to see what would happen if he stuck a knife into the outlet. What a brave soul.

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