Portable Kleenex/ToiletPaper/Towel

As you can see this is probably the most innovative construction of mankind ever to exist. It conveniently is placed over the head for quick and easy access. In order use this product you must strap the Roll Holder under your neck and tighten firmly. This will ensure that the device will never fall. After the device has been securely fastened, firmly grasp the toilet paper for any use. The uses for this device can range greatly. It may be used for general cleaning, wiping any orifice on the body, or becoming the next fashion expert. However, there are more uses than what was listed above.

1. Swing
One of the many uses that you may have not have known are that the Toilet Head is capable of being used as a swing. If tighten securely, the device can easily be used as a rope. This can either allow for some leisure or for as a transport device. Another secret about the Toilet Paper Halo is if you attach a hair drier behind the device, you can actually make it shoot out like one of Spider-man’s webs!

2. Fashion
As it was said before, the Towel Rack is able to become one of the newest fashion statements. This can be accomplished by wearing the device for extend periods of time. For example, while you are sleeping, swimming, or taking a shower. This will for sure put your mark in the fashion industry. If you are the more creative types, then roll out the toilet paper and wrap it around your body to make a design.

3. Racing
This is probably the most obvious out of the bunch. If you have good enough balance then you are good enough to race. Just do a handstand and let go! It’s that easy! Become one of the best Toilet Racers out there.


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