The Baby Mop

As you can see, the child is as confused as I am. It doesn’t quite know what it is wearing, but has decided to give the clothing the benefit of the doubt. As you can probably guess this child mop is supposed to clean the floors as it crawls around. What an easy way to clean the house with. In fact, you won’t need to clean the house. The Baby will do it all for you. Talk about free labor! Now, if you have not already been convinced to buy this amazing product here are three more reasons why.

1. Completely Free
If your house is dirty and covered in all kinds of shoes stains, then child floor cleaner will make the floor shine with no questions asked. Probably because it can’t ask any questions. Any paid for cleaning service is inferior to the baby cleaner.

2. Quick Service
The Mopba (like a roomba) will be able to complete any of the services you ask. The kid will be able to complete any of your tasks at any time. As long as the operator is still awake it will clean the floors. It can even follow you to your most recent locations.

3. Service lasts for 12 hours a day and 7 days a week
The child mop can always take any request at anytime of day. “We shall never deny a guest, even the most ridiculous request,” is their motto. The infant washer is the most dedicated and efficient cleaning service out there.


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