Fahrenheit 451

This book Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, describes a dystopian future where books are banned. The people are mindless drones, engrossed into their entertainment devices, and have no sense of life. But what is the meaning of life? The answer is 42. Anyways, It seems that people are becoming like Ray Bradbury predicted, mindless humans who are just watching and not doing. Advancements in technology seems to be the enforcing factor to this future. Is it really a bad thing? For example, social media is an advancement that is supposed to bring more people together. Other then using it to stalk people or update people on your whereabouts in the last 20 minutes. Plus, there are dating sites that relationships between people.  Which is what helps even the most isolated people to have social contacts. This is why technology isn’t all that bad. It can do some good too.

Even with all of these advancements in aiding some of the social awkward, there are still some instances where technology gets the best of us. For example, people are getting addicted to gaming or other means of getting lost in a fake world. There are even some rehab centers that will help you get rid of this addiction. Although these people may not be completely dead in the brain, but they are rather always distracted because in order to play a game you can’t leave your head dormant. This is what Ray Bradbury was maybe trying to describe with all of these advancements in technology.


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