Forklift Joyride

No, this isn’t a sequel to Jetpack Joyride, but if it was it would be very lackluster. It is instead a bold attempt to see who would throw up first, after doing two minutes of donuts on a forklift. That’s at least what five teenagers tried to do in Tamarac. The teens had reportedly walked through Millennium Middle School, and trespassed onto Ferguson Plumbing. The kids also tried to hide their identities by putting shirts over their heads and plastic bags over their hands. How could this fool proof plan not work?  Aside from accidentally tripping a silent alarm, having security camera footage of them using the forklift, and hiding their identities causing a bigger punishment. Plus, after the jig was up the teens tried to run for it, but not for long because the cops were able to catch all of them. Four out of the five teens have felony charges, the other kid received a civil citation.

To help all of the juvenile delinquents out there I have decided to make a list of ideas to committing the perfect crime.

1. The best crime is the one you’ve never done
This way of crime is to become extremely educated. Become a lawyer, businessman, therapists, or doctor. And then charge people an outrageous amount of money for your services.

2. Magic
Train to become a magician (or something along those lines) in order to develop the skill of slight of hand. Than watch money disappear from peoples wallets as you charge lots of money for birthday parties, or professional magic shows.

3.The Artist
Learn some art skills (or none) and claim that anything you create on a white canvas as modern art. Can’t really draw? Well, with modern art you can literally color a white canvas blue and charge millions.


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