A Stupid Idea

From human imagination is where this wonderful contraption was born. Truly a marvel to look at. This is another picture where we will be searching for all of the great benefits that come with it. Now, let me explain how it works. First, you must make little chocolate chips or M&M’s as I like to call it. Second, move your rear end over the cleaning device. Lastly, pedal until your brown stains have departed.

Now, that we all had a quick tutorial of how this works lets get to the ingeniousness of it.
1. The contraption is easy to use
The toilet clean roller probably doesn’t need a tutorial or manual of how to use it. It has a mystical way of being self-explanatory. The clean yourself up 3000 uses extremely lubricated rollers so the cleaning device wipes with ease.

2. The feces tight rope is convenient
With this invention you can wipe completely hands free. Which means you won’t ever have to wash your hands after taking a number two. You can also check your phone or read a magazine while cleaning the back hole. This creates fast and fun times when on the crapper.

3. Introduces new technologies
What kind of new technologies could be for a toilet?  Well, a newer, better and more sturdy type of toilet paper is he answer. By popular demand the towel for your behind will include a 6-ply 200ft long toilet roll special designed for this product.

This is why this is probably one of the best ideas out there. It is easy to use, quick to use, and helps science.


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