One of the most well known plays written by William Shakespeare is Romeo and Juliet. One of the main characters, Romeo, can be very foolish or illogical. There are a number of actions and reasons that can be seen in the play that supports this. Romeo himself is a young naive teenager, he falls in love very easily, and has only fell in love with his enemies.

Romeo being the spontaneous young sprite that he is doesn’t really think about the future and its consequences. Romeo never really thought about the consequences of sneaking into the Capulet’s party. He even didn’t think about the dangers of falling in love with Juliet. He knew what would happen if he were to be caught in the Capulet’s land sneaking into Juliet’s balcony, but yet he still went anyway.

Another thing about Romeo is that he seems to have the memory of a goldfish. In the beginning of Act I Romeo was sad because he was in love with Rosaline, who was another Capulet. Rosaline however didn’t love him back. So, Romeo decides to crash the Capulet’s party to stalk Rosaline. He instead finds Juliet, falls completely in love, and forgets Rosaline forever. At this point Romeo was just waiting for reality to hit him in the face and reality decided that death was a good punishment. Which is something he basically asked for because he falls in love with his enemies twice, and if Juliet were to ever dump him he would probably find someone else to love in 4 hours.


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