The definition of health is a person’s mental or physical condition. It is also a class that you took in high school or something similar to it. If for some reason you haven’t taken that class I will explain it to you in one short sentence. It is a class that educates you on the dangers in life and what will keep you in good health. This class is almost directly opposite to the ideas on this blog. Health is supposed to keep you uninjured and let you know about the dangers of life. The ideas on this page are going to injure you and are a danger of life.

In order to keep people safe and not follow the ideas on the blog I will create a small Public Service Announcement:

  1. Everything Will Hurt You
    Something to take into account when reading these posts is that they will hurt you in some way if you ever recreate them. The injuries include death, broken bones, sickness, projectile vomiting, and always spitting into the wind.
  2. The Title
    If you have seen the title or even the URL of the blog you probably have an idea what you are getting into. This site revolves around dumb ideas and the awesomeness of human stupidity. Like the title says reading these posts may cause you to actually lose some IQ points.
  3. Bad Comedy?
    If you haven’t notice already some of my points are kind of sarcastic. In fact, some would argue this whole blog is sarcastic, like me. This whole blog is riddled with sarcasm and weird figurative language and other forms of odd comedy.

To conclude this, do not take this blog seriously and try not to recreate some of human’s brilliance (did you see the sarcasm?).


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