A Bad Idea

Bad Idea

This is the photo we shall be dissecting today. You may be wondering how or why would someone do that, but just appreciate that Darwinism is a good thing. Now, that we have seen the intelligence of these brave, young people lets try to understand why they would do this or what kind of motives there could be.

1) Maybe these are the lions trainers?
It would be understandable that these lions are in a zoo of some sort, and that the trainers are trying to get the lions to know what is prey. This would benefit the lions because they get a free meal and will have some knowledge of the outside world. However, for the human side of the equation this method of training is a little risky. This could end up being a very expensive type of training and here are two reasons why. There will be a need of lots of trainers because the previous ones have deceased for obvious reasons. Another example would be that there would have to be lots of safety gear on the party zebra and of course buying the party zebra itself.

2. Animal activists?
I will admit, this could be a bit of a long shot. But what if this was some sort of promotional statement for preserving the lion’s population? I mean what else could two people dressing up in a lion costume really expect what the outcome could be.

3. Under the Influence?
This is what I believe to be the most plausible answer to the question. It is obvious that these people are not thinking straight and what else fogs the mind up better than an important test.

Now, here are some clear motives of why these Darwin Award nominees have done this. They could be trainers, activists, or not thinking clearly. But if you value your lives I doubt that this would ever happen to you.


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