A Movie

This is a movie that is pretty much based around the sites topic. It has slapstick like comedy that is usually performed in cartoons, but the people at Dickhouse productions and MTV decided to recreate or perform these comedic stunts. This movie is based around bad ideas and seeing them through.  A great example of them using cartoon like comedy is in Jackass 3D.

This prank was called the “High Five”. Get it… It perfectly represents the dumb ideas that have been turned into reality. This prank could have seriously injured him or at the very least made him extremely mad. But the important part is that there were plenty of laughs. Most of the people on the set of Jackass are actually stunt men. They are well experienced with life threatening situations. Which means that they can do things that are considered unsafe and the “do not try this at home” stuff.

Now lets completely analyze this stunt and find all the good and the bad. On the good side there is plenty of laughter, no one got hurt, and they are all still friends. Using logic, this means that doing this stunt will cause laughter, make friends, and is harmless, since there was only one account of this prank ever being done. Now, for the bad. There really is only one thing that’s bad because logic proved that this is a very good product and it is that flour will get every where. This shows you that the people at Dickhouse studios were geniuses in creating a safe and fun prank.


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