The Pet Rock


The Pet Rock was one of the greatest advertised jokes and best ideas in the 1970’s. Who would actually buy a pet rock? Well, enough people for it to go viral and make over a million dollars. Let’s look at all the good things about the Pet Rock first. One, no matter what, you will be guaranteed a healthy and nice rock. Two, it comes with a manual to teach it various tricks. Three, the expenses are low.

Now, for the cons. One, the rock isn’t very expressive.

Now can you see how this was such a great idea? It has an astounding 3:1 ratio of Pro to Con. The pros didn’t even cover all of the good the Pet Rock can give you! The Pet Rock can give you all the friendship that a dog can. I personally know that from experience. It can also do so many more things that a dog can’t do. Like, the ability to fly! With a little help from your arm of course. It can also skip across water! Which also needs some help from an arm. The Pet Rock helps you build trust and learn about teamwork. You can see this by propping your rock up and having it fall into the palms of your hands and vice versa. Teamwork can be expressed through having a Pet Rock when a basketball gets stuck in between the backboard and the hoop. You could easily get the ball unstuck by throwing your Pet Rock at it.

Now, you have seen a few of many reasons why the Pet Rock should be called the new “Man’s best friend”. It has the ability to fly and skip on water, so who wouldn’t want a Pet Rock?


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