Involvement in the Community

One of the great things about this topic is that it can give back to the community. The topic does this by helping the self-esteem of friends, acquaintances, and colleague. How does it do this? Well, here’s scenario where it is explained how it exactly does that.

A good friend of yours comes by and says, “Let’s build a tree house out of cardboard and duck tape!”
How do you respond? You would have to respond  with something that complements him, but also dismisses the idea entirely, “That sounds like a great idea. It has all the flexibility of paper and the structural support of glue and tape combined! However, I don’t think we could do this because we would lack support for house appliances.” This would boost your friends self-esteem because it first complements him, but the next sentence compels him not to go through with the plan because it is unsafe.

But that’s only one scenario. What a friend has a high self-esteem already? Well, in this case it is best to just dismiss them immediately. If someone has a high self-esteem already then there is almost nothing you can do there, so just say no to  his idea.

In conclusion, the best way to help give back to the community is to complement someones idea, but at the same time disagree with it. That way there is minimal risk of getting yourself into a situation and help people’s confidence/self-esteem at the same time.


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