Corn Maze

In recent years,  people have been getting lost through recreational activities. How? Well, people wanted to have fun in a corn maze and couldn’t find their way out. In fact, 12 people called 911 in the past year, all who got lost in the same maze. First, let’s analyze this maze. The maze is 60-acres which is a little short of a square mile, 400 dead ends, and 9 miles worth of trails. That is a pretty big maze. Now, you can see how easy it is to get lost in this thing.  In order to prevent this from happening to anybody in the future, I have devised a 3-step plan that will get you out of that maze:

  1.  Get A Birds Eye View: Find a really high place that may give you a clue on where to head next.
  2.  Follow The Right Wall of the Maze: This strategy doesn’t work always one hundred percent of the time, but it will give you results!
  3. Cheat: This is the last resort. You should not use this step until you have used up all your resources and have absolutely nothing left to lose. Consequences of this may include being ashamed of yourself, made fun of, and being called out as a cheater, so I would not recommend using this step.

However, some people may say that, “It’s a corn maze. Just pick a direction and you will be able to walk out.” But I would say that is what a dirty, cheating, cheater would do. Don’t you want to be the one who conquered the maze? To be the one who will have the bragging rights, and is able to rub it into other peoples faces. Well, that is my opinion on this subject. In conclusion, if you find yourself stuck in a maze follow the 3-Step Guideline.


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