A Song That Goes With This Site

A song that I think fits in nicely with the topic of this site is “Buckle Your Pants”. This song was created by Stamper and featured in the video game BattleBlock Theater. The song and video, in my mind, probably has the best lyrics of this generation and the best puppeteering west of the Mississippi. But with all jokes aside it is just a fun, silly song to listen to. It has a fun, fast, and upbeat rhythm which will always put a smile on your face. Hopefully, this is what  most of my posts will do. Anyway, this song relates to this site because I believe that you will need to “buckle you pants” when reading some of these posts. Future posts will be filled with fun, laughter, and great times. It will also be about ideas you probably shouldn’t replicate and me telling why you should totally replicate it. It will be a fun ride finding the ingenuity in dangerous or dull ideas, so buckle up and get ready because this is going to be an adventure.


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