What Is This Site All About?

As you may have noticed the title of this site is revolved around the idea of becoming stupid. This title is kind of ironic because I doubt that this blog will ever be about lowering your IQ…or will it…

Anyways, this topic will be about finding the intelligence in stupid ideas. For example, the .gif above is a makeshift swing created using a motorcycle. In the eye of the average person this idea could be considered foolish for plenty of reasons. One, it is an unsafe activity to partake in. Two, it appears that this could have been made in the course of ten minutes. Three, something is bound to go wrong.

However, this site is about glorifying these ideas. Using the same .gif, we are now going to look at the pros of this new innovation. One, this product can be made for anyone, by anyone; all you will need is a motorcycle, a rope, and a tree. Two, this invention has all of the fun of a tire swing, but now has the power of a motorcycle. Three, you can become the most popular kid in the neighborhood.

I have chosen this topic because I thought it would be a funny idea and wondered how many people actually created things like this. Personally, I feel like I have many dumb ideas that were created from “What if” moments. But sometimes people go to the next level and create their idea, which is why you have motorcycle swing.


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